We enable your medical practice to deliver lifestyle medicine 

We help you address your challenges

  • I didn’t learn about lifestyle medicine in school

  • I can’t get my patients to change

  • I don't have time to discuss lifestyle medicine

  • I don’t trust allied health professionals in my practice

  • I can’t address social determinants of health

  • I don’t have data on my patients’ lifestyles in the EHR

  • My patients can’t access their lifestyle data on mobile.

  • I don’t know how to bill for lifestyle medicine

Your patients discover their path to well-being

  • My doctor doesn’t have time to talk about lifestyle

  • My doctor doesn’t understand how my situation affects my health

  • My doctor doesn't know much about lifestyle

  • I want to talk about what matters to me

  • I need help with my weight, not just tests and pills

We help you address your patient's challenges