We help your team learn how to deliver lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle is the cornerstone of health

Chronic conditions – heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes are largely driven by lifestyle and reinforced by the social determinants of health

Lifestyle medicine is promotion of evidence-based health habits, such as eating a whole food, plant-based diet, getting regular physical activity, getting adequate sleep, stress management and avoidance of intoxicating substances.

Lifestyle medicine prevents, reverses and even cures chronic conditions like diabetes

Lifestyle Medicine Education

Confidently engage in conversations on lifestyle medicines - safe and breakthrough medicines.  

Wellcoaches and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine bring your team a self-paced course delivered by experts in the main lifestyle medicines that prevent, delay or ameliorate chronic diseases – physical activity, nutrition, sleep, emotional well-being, and brain health.

Coaches help people change when change is hard. So will you and your clinical team.

We deliver training in coaching basics and burnout prevention for the whole team in primary care and other clinical practices. We train, certify, mentor, and support lifestyle medicine coaches. Lifestyle medicine coaches apply evidence based protocols for one-on-one and group programs. 

The Wellcoaches protocol has ten peer-reviewed papers showing statistically significant improvements across many biometrics and measures for over 21,000 patients. Two primary care based coaching interventions demonstrated a sustained weight loss of 5-7% of body weight at 24 months.

Coaching for Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Coach

Adding a lifestyle medicine coach to your team will deliver the attention and expertise your practice needs to support your patients in health-giving lifestyles.

Wellcoaches is the pioneer and trusted leader in training health professionals as coaches. Since 2002 we have trained more than 12,000 coaches in 50 countries. Now, Wellcoaches and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine have defined the standard for the lifestyle medicine coach.